In Need of The Perfect Words. For The Perfect Day?

In addition to teaching, Margo is also an ordained minister!

Here she has the opportunity to broaden her spiritual reach through ceremonies of all kinds.

If you need someone to convey the story of love or loss, Margo’s ability to connect right to the heart of the moment has pulled her into this extremely rewarding extension of her practice and teaching.

“Whether it’s a highly traditional or completely non-traditional wedding, I’ve found what makes a really beautiful and memorable ceremony is capturing the story of the bride and groom’s love.  And then, the ability to share that story with their guests as if they’d been with them on their journey of love all along.” – Margo

“Margo’s unique perspective and insightful words made our wedding ceremony one of a kind and truly memorable.”- Cassandra Richardson

Wedding featured in
Modern Wedding Magazine
Spring/Summer 2014