Margo has been teaching yoga and capturing the hearts of students since 2003. 

She grew up in Los Angeles and attended Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, and later graduated as a theater major from Columbia College Chicago. So it was clear she was destined to be on stage and connect to an audience but she never imagined it would be through teaching yoga. 

Margo's passion as a teacher has always been to make the "non believer" a "believer" but not just in yoga, in themselves. Women's health, happiness, strength and empowerment is the nucleus of her message through everyday mindfulness and self awareness. She sets her classes to music to motivate and inspire. You leave feeling challenged and changed physically, mentally and emotionally. As an experienced teacher of 14 years she has mastered the ability to teach to many levels at one time. She skillfully sequences her classes to suite everyone in the room, provided they're willing to try AND have a sense of humor! So if you're new to yoga or a long time practitioner Margo meets you where you are, and draws you in with compassion and charisma. 

She has traveled and taught to yogis by the hundreds for Oprah, Smartwater, Lululemon, KIND BAR and is currently teaching and consulting for Nike at the world headquarters in Portland OR where she now lives. She is an innovator and pioneer in new platforms of yoga and fitness and works hard everyday to connect people to yoga and more importantly to themselves.  She does this because she knows and believes that yoga IS for everyone, and for every BODY, namaste.